The Home Decor Trends of 2022

The Home Decor Trends predictions vary greatly from one designer to another. as I was researching for this article, I had two objectives:

  • To find the most ‘popular’ trends among all of the predictions
  • To highlight the ‘simple and affordable’ trends which anyone can implement

The Paint Colors

I love talking about Paint Colors!

You can read about the Home Staging Paint Colors in 2022 right here.

One of the biggest Home Decor Trends this year is GREEN!

Various shades of green are showing up in paints, textiles, furniture, accessories and, even, kitchen cabinets.

Most major paint manufacturers selected a shade of gray/green as their color of the year. These shades are mostly versatile and neutral.

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, I recommend using one of those beautiful greens in a smaller room, on an accent wall or in your furniture (such as a chair) or accessories.

home decor trends
Benjamin Moore October Mist 1495

Some dark, moody colors are emerging this year as well. Emerald Greens, Navy Blues, Charcoal Gray and Black are back. If you aren’t planning to sell your house in the near future and are feeling bold, go for it!

Of course, WARM neutrals are always in style! We are seeing Creams, Beige (yes, it’s back), Taupe, Tan and Chocolate brown 🙂

Biophilic Design in Home Decor Trends

‘Biophilic Design’ simply means incorporating Nature into our space by using natural light, water and greenery.

It could be as easy as opening up your curtains (or switching them to sheer ones) and adding a few plants!

I use affiliate links which means I’ll earn a small commission if you purchase anything.

A few ideas on live plants you can add to your decor:

Sculpted Shapes

This year, curvy shapes are on trend.

Straight furniture lines are being replaced by rounded corners and fluid lines. Arched doorways, wavy bench/coffee tables and even rounded headboards are “in”.

Traditional and Vintage styles are back

The general Eco Friendly and Sustainable trend is transpiring into reusing, recycling and repurposing.

Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces which show individuality create a warm and cozy living environment.

One of the biggest Home Decor Trends in 2022 is Comfort, created by using more natural materials, layers and textures.

multifunctional spaces

As our lifestyles have changed, the work-from-home space is becoming a necessity for many.

Reconfiguring a living space has transpired in some very creative solutions for some people.

An efficient and visually appealing work area can integrate into your home decor nicely.

some ideas:


The hardwood is always in style, but one of the Home Decor Trends we’re seeing is the color!

Gone are the browns and the grays. The new colors are light and natural.

In conclusion, the main Home Decor Trends 2022 to remember center around Nature, Comfort and Sustainability.

Use what you (or someone else) already have, add some plants, maybe a unique/vintage piece, style your workspace and you’re golden!

If you’d like more 1:1 guidance, I’ll be happy to help through my online consultations.