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UCF Knights land Eustis Broad Receiver Tyree Patterson

The UCF Knights simply obtained higher. Native expertise Tyree Patterson might be coming to Orlando and taking part in soccer for the Knights.

He is an extended and lanky athlete who might truthfully be a defensive again simply as simply

The 5 Most Important Steps to Downsizing with Success

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. Like most people, you are likely to be determined as to what to do with it. For many people, downsizing is a difficult and overwhelming

How to Stage a Home that Attracts Your Ideal Home Buyer

In the marketing world, there’s a saying that, “If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.” This also applies to selling your home. You must know who your ideal buyer is to market it accordingly.


How is Home Staging Different from Interior Design?

It is a common misconception that home staging and decorating are the same. Considering the fundamentals are the same and the result is a beautiful home, it’s easy to confuse. However, a few crucial differences will determine who you need

Land In Ripley Purchased For Future Development | News, Sports, Jobs

Pictured is a drawing of the land in Ripley the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency is buying to establish a shovel-ready site for future development. Submitted Photo

3 Reasons Why Staging Your Vacant Listing is Smart

While you may think that an empty space looks bigger, that’s not always the case. In fact, an empty room really appears smaller. It’s easy to think that the buyer can use their imagination, but when 90% of people can’t

The 2021 Paint Colors Trends clearly reflect what we must look forward to!

What are the 2021 Paint Colors Trends and how will it affect your home staging project?

I’ve been researching and writing a post about this topic for the last 3 years. But, this year, unlike any other, the Trends came

Mavericks Trade Proposal Lands RJ Hampton in Dallas
RJ Hampton of the Orlando Magic, who would be traded to the Dallas Mavericks in this proposed deal.


RJ Hampton of the Orlando Magic, who would be traded to the Dallas Mavericks in this proposed deal.

It’s been an up-and-down season for the Dallas Mavericks, but a big win on Christmas Day against the Los Angeles Lakers

Home Staging and Decorating projects

The trend for the Paint Colors in 2022

As the Paint Colors in 2022 were announced by all the major paint brands, one trend totally stood out: most paint companies have selected some shade of soft GREEN as their Color

Professional troubles mounting for controversial London lawyer

Professional troubles are mounting for a London lawyer who tried to sue a judge after losing a case marked by “incomprehensible legal gibberish” and after being found by a court to have made racist and