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Behind the Scenes of Simple Elements

People always like to know who they’re working with. So it’s my hope that others will gain some insight into what makes me tick. Read on to learn more about behind the scenes of Simple Elements.

Allow me to introduce

How is Home Staging Different from Interior Design?

It is a common misconception that home staging and decorating are the same. Considering the fundamentals are the same and the result is a beautiful home, it’s easy to confuse. However, a few crucial differences will determine who you need

Buccaneers Rumors: Ex-Tampa Starter Lands $36 Million Deal
Shaq Mason


Shaq Mason (No. 69 right of Tom Brady) just landed a new lucrative contract with the Texans.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting guard Shaq Mason just landed a massive raise as the veteran signed a new three-year, $36 million

Chiefs, Eagles land in Phoenix, prepare for Super Bowl 57

PHOENIX (AP) — A few minutes after the Kansas City Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes landed in Phoenix, the pilot hung a “Chiefs Kingdom” flag out of the window as players, coaches and staff got off the plane and walked

The Land Trust of Napa County agreed to buy the controversial Walt Ranch property from Hall Wines

For more than a decade, the owners of Hall Wines have waged an effort to develop several hundred acres of oak woodland in eastern Napa County into a vineyard, a plan that has sparked anger in Wine Country residents and

The 2021 Paint Colors Trends clearly reflect what we must look forward to!

What are the 2021 Paint Colors Trends and how will it affect your home staging project?

I’ve been researching and writing a post about this topic for the last 3 years. But, this year, unlike any other, the Trends came

Home Staging and Decorating projects

The trend for the Paint Colors in 2022

As the Paint Colors in 2022 were announced by all the major paint brands, one trend totally stood out: most paint companies have selected some shade of soft GREEN as their Color

Mom charged in newborn’s death suffers mental struggles that may complicate court case: expert

A Winnipeg mother charged in the death of her newborn daughter has a low IQ and little understanding of the consequences, a court was told during a previous sentencing hearing — making the current case against her both rare and

Professional troubles mounting for controversial London lawyer

Professional troubles are mounting for a London lawyer who tried to sue a judge after losing a case marked by “incomprehensible legal gibberish” and after being found by a court to have made racist and

The Home Decor Trends of 2022

The Home Decor Trends predictions vary greatly from one designer to another. as I was researching for this article, I had two objectives:

  • To find the most ‘popular’ trends among all of the predictions
  • To highlight the ‘simple and affordable’