The 5 curb appeal tips you need to implement to optimize your home sale

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Qhe curb appeal tips you need to implement today

Below are some curb appeal tips presented by Home Staging Step-by-Step in collaboration with Megan Cooper from

Curb appeal is always important for your home’s successful sale, but it may be harder to achieve when you’re trying to sell your house in the fall or winter (depending on your geographic location).

During the spring and summer, lush green grass and foliage can naturally enhance your home’s exterior.

However, when the weather turns cold, leaves fall from deciduous trees, and your grass may turn brown, negatively impacting your home’s curb appeal.

Curb appeal tips
Curb Appeal Tips

Tip 1 – Give Your Home “Year-Round” Curb Appeal

Forbes notes that curb appeal is the first impression potential buyers get when they drive by a house for sale.

If the lawn is lackluster and bricks or siding needs pressure-washing, a buyer may decide to keep looking.

If you’d like to sell your home in the deep autumn/winter time frame, think today about what you can do to make your curb appeal as attractive as possible even then.

For example, I always plant some evergreens (like cedars) as they remain pretty all year round.

Another idea is to add some large planters with evergreen plants or branches on the front porch.

If your yard is unkempt and weeds are growing through cracks in your driveway, buyers may assume you haven’t taken care of the home’s interior.

Your home may be picture-perfect inside, but a buyer may never get that far if the exterior is unattractive.

So, think ahead to all seasons, as the Curb Appeal increases your home’s value!

Tip 2 – Start With a Clean Canvas

The well kept lawn, trimmed bushes and decluttered walkway will already score you high points.

Clean up your exterior first. Take care of the weeds, clean up the flower beds, remove the dead branches on trees, trim the overgrown shrubs, clean the clogged gutters, powerwash the dirty sidewalks, and clean the oil-stained driveways.

If your lawn is sparse, add some earth and fast growing grass seeds or grass carpets. Remember to water often and abundantly!

If you don’t have time to clean up your yard and hardscapes, hire someone to do the job. It’ll be money well invested!

Tip 3 – Update the Exterior With Paint and Accessories

Painting is a simple, low-cost way to give your home’s exterior an update.

Painting the front door, trim and shutters can make a big difference to the overall appearance.

Clean the windows and remove all the spider webs. Inspect the doorbell, the exterior light fixtures, the address number and the mailbox.

Replace what needs to be replaced. Add a couple of chairs and/or flower planters to the front porch to instantly take the front of your house from drab to fabulous.

Tip 4 – Make a Difference With Fall and Winter Foliage

Experts on HGTV suggest improving your home’s curb appeal with simple landscaping because it can increase your property’s value multifold.

You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to make your landscaping look good!

When selling a house during the fall or winter, add interest to plants that keep their leaves and display natural color during cold weather.

Some of our curb appeal tips are to add a couple of potted evergreens near an entrance to provide a pop of color.

Holly bushes or Nandinas shine with bright red berries and contrasting green leaves to create a year-round color and rustic red hues in fall and winter.

Tip 5 – Keep a Record of Your Improvements

When you pay a service provider for tasks, such as landscaping or replacing gutters, keep a copy of your receipts.

I always recommend to be mindful of overspending. professional landscaping can cost a fortune and you might not be able to recover that investment.

Instead, clean, trim, update and add some plants and flowers for an inexpensive curb appeal.

Take before-and-after photos of your home. You’ll be surprised at the difference a little bit of effort and a modest investment can make!

Get Inspired to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Now that you know our 5 best curb appeal tips, you can make the exterior of your home appealing to buyers.

Get inspired by checking out nice neighborhoods in your area to get a glimpse of houses from a buyer’s view.

Consider what makes the home attractive and which ideas you can incorporate as you work to give your home more curb appeal.

Look online for simple and budget friendly ideas.

Go to your local gardening center with a photo of your home front and ask for advice. Let them know that you’re selling the house and need plants which will look full and appealing quickly.

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