My Stock Report Card for Jan – Aug 2020 ( 2 mil profit countdown)

My Stock Report Card for Jan- Aug 2020

US Stocks

US Stock - Aug 22, 2020

SG Stocks

SG Stock - Aug 22, 2020

Total Passive Income Collected Between Jan – Aug 2020 : SGD 19,558.71

Total Profit / Loss from Sales of Stocks between Jan – Aug 2020 : SGD 0

Stocks added between Jan – Aug 2020 : Xiaomi

$2 Million Profit ???

My goodness! I can’t believe I am counting down to $2 million profit for my USD portfolio. $128K more to go. Fingers crossed !!!.

Apple of my eye

Apple is doing a 4-to-1 share split on 31st August, 24th August is the record date so I thought I should log down this interesting moment for easy future reference. I was involved in the last 7-to-1 split in 2014 but didn’t experience this kind of euphoria in the market. Everyone is rushing to buy up Apple and Tesla shares before the split, it’s bizarre.

I came across this YouTube channel that actually runs though a pretty decent analysis of the recent financials of Apple Stock. I get many questions with regards to how to analyze a financial statement, this channel might be a good start for you.

Fascinating Xiaomi

I am always intrigued by startup stories. This is a good one from Xiaomi where the founder shared their 10 year journey. I used to think that they were just an Apple copycat and couldn’t quite get why they have built up such a huge fandom, you might be able to appreciate them better after this. I am still not sure whether sticking to a 5% margins commitment to the public is a good business strategy but to quote what the Chinese would say “牛!”.

SG portfolio nightmare

Not all is great! My Singapore portfolio is giving me a headache lately due to Keppel and Sabanna. I was pleasantly surprised when it managed to maintain greens between March – May. If you are a beginner in REITS, you have to check out the history of Sabanna to understand all the pitfalls you should avoid when buying REITS. This is an expensive lesson that I’ve learned :-/. Ouch.

What I have been listening lately :

Lately, I have been discovering new songs via TikTok. Never quite understood the hype with Billie, now I do :-).


In our blogosphere, a brave entrepreneur, Ivann Fok started a fintech site ( to help investors do fundamental backtesting. I’ve never tried backtesting in my life but would definitely be keen to try it out when I have time. A shoutout to Ivann, when you go IPO, don’t forget me :). Disclaimer, I do not know Ivann personally so this is not an endorsement nor a sponsored ad.

Till next time, stay safe, healthy and happy!

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