How is Home Staging Different from Interior Design?

It is a common misconception that home staging and decorating are the same. Considering the fundamentals are the same and the result is a beautiful home, it’s easy to confuse. However, a few crucial differences will determine who you need to hire.

Keep reading to find out if your project requires home staging or interior decorating…

Home Stager’s Goal is to Sell

A designer and a home stager have very different goals. A designer designs and decorations to accommodate the home owner’s needs, tastes, and way of life. On the other hand, home stagers decorate based on the home buyer market.

A decorator turns a house into a home while a home stager turns a home into a house.


Home Stagers Style Differently

Home stagers and decorators approach materials and styles differ drastically. A homeowner usually prefers a mix of timeless pieces and those in their preferred style, along with some sentimental pieces. It’s all very personal to the home owner.

Stagers depersonalize a space and ensure it appeals to the broadest number of buyers. This usually involves decor and furnishing that are up-to-date and on-trend.


Home Stagers Balance Neutral Design Based on the Market

While decorators design for a client’s tastes and needs, home stagers have the added challenge of finding a delicate balance of keeping the design neutral and welcoming to the buyers.

In the case of owner-occupied listings, we still need to factor in the basic needs of home sellers while the home is on the market. It’s not always easy, but a good home stager will find workable solutions for her clients.


When is the right time to call a home stager?

Home staging is one of the final pieces of the puzzle before your home hits the market, yet it is one of the first phone calls you need to make once you decide to list your home.

A home stager can help you determine exactly what needs to be done, what repairs offer you the best ROI, and we can help you select the best paint colors. In turn, deciding to wait until your home is getting passed over for others costs you undue stress, time, and money.

Have a question about whether a home stager is right for you? Reach out to us here, and we’d be happy to share our honest advice.

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