Soaring Rental Demand Attracts Investors to UK Buy-to-Let

With the way mortgage rates are rising, off-plan investment properties are becoming more popular with investors as a way of avoiding forking out for the additional costs of a buy-to-let mortgage.

Off-plan properties are usually lower-priced than fully built investment properties, and payment plans can be set up to help spread out the cost of investing.

They are also normally in popular areas or accompany large regeneration schemes, so when completed they will draw tenants to the units in the development to make the most of their valued locations.

For investors, this means investing in off-plan is a good way of dealing with the high renter demand the UK housing market is seeing right now, as you can buy investment properties for less than market value in some of the best areas for property investment in the UK.

This is an excellent way of making your investment properties stand out from the crowd, as off-plan properties are new builds full of extra amenities which will catch the eye of potential renters.