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Major Adams floats a legal challenge if the Council overrides his veto and passes housing voucher bills


Major Eric Adams (center), Department of Social Services Commissioner Molly Wasow Park (left) and Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams-Isom (right).

Credit: Ed Reed/Major Photography Office.

Secret Order of Tents Society Saved With Tax Exemption

The historic secret aid society run by Black women that has a headquarters in the magnificent but dilapidated building at 87 MacDonough Street was granted a tax exemption today, according to New York City Council Member Justin Brannan.

Brannan, chairman

Why Building Owners Need a Builder’s Risk Policy

When brownstone and townhouses decide to do renovations on their property owners, they should be aware of a few things:

brooklyn rowhouses

You might not have the right coverage

Owners will often think their existing insurance policy covers their building while it’s

What’s inside your teddy bear? In Pa., that answer could soon change if the law is updated

For teddy bears and all other stuffed toys in Pennsylvania, it’s not easy being green. In fact, it’s impossible.

Under a 62-year-old law, all stuffed toys distributed and sold in this state are required to be made from new materials.

The most expensive homes sold in Brickell-area in March

A condo in Miami that sold for $6.4 million tops the list of the most expensive real estate sales in Brickell-area in March.

In total, 16 real estate sales were recorded in the area, with an average price of $1.2 …

‘We buy houses’ companies in Florida
A beautiful house for a single family with palm trees

ntzolov/Getty Images

When you need to sell your home quickly and don’t have time to deal with listings, staging or making repairs, there are alternative ways to close a deal. One option to consider is a company that proclaims “We

Bjarke Ingels’ Checked Design Swoops Like a Rollercoaster Between Batcave and Whole Foods

Designed by prominent Brooklyn architect firm Bjarke Ingels Group, a statement-making concept for a new apartment building intended to take advantage of the controversial Gowanus rezoning will be tiered like a wedding cake, with walkable ramps and a waterfront park.

Winning ticket for $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot sold in Maine, but 2 Calif. tickets come close

A Mega Millions ticket sold in Maine matched Friday night’s winning numbers to score the lottery game’s estimated $1.35 billion grand prize. But two people who bought tickets in California — one in Riverside and the other in Burlingame —

The most expensive homes sold in Miami Beach area in December

A condo in Miami Beach that sold for $11.3 million tops the list of the most expensive real estate sales in the Miami Beach area in December.

In total, 215 real estate sales were recorded in the area, with an …