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Residents at Jacksonville motel are shocked after the owner sells property without giving them notice

Residents at a Days Inn on Dix Ellis Trail in Jacksonville are on edge after they say they paid the owner of the property their rent money last week. Shortly after that they were told the property was sold to

Roanoke renters navigate post-pandemic landlord relations

Renting your residence can be a more precarious agreement than expected, according to one Roanoke schoolteacher who warns that tenants are insufficiently protected from the whims of property management.

An eviction notice issued to Vincent Brown in May was later

Legal aid lawyers in Quebec hold half-day strike

A group of legal aid lawyers is going on strike for half a day on Monday, while the renewal of their collective agreement remains unresolved with the Quebec government.

The group is made up of lawyers attached to the CSN-affiliated

Sage Hill householders battle again after authorized risk over unpaid charges

Owners are petitioning for a rare common assembly with the intention of eradicating the board members who’re threatened with lawsuits over unpaid residents’ affiliation charges