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It’s Demographics, stupid – – House Flipping Guide

James Carville, allegedly, helped win the Presidency for Bill Clinton in 1992 with a sign in the campaign’s headquarters saying, “The economy, stupid”.

Well maybe there should be a sign saying – “Demographics, stupid” – on our desks as well.

Can You Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax on Investment property? –

Are there ways to avoid or reduce paying CGT on investment property entirely?Cloud house of tax concept on blue sky

Yes, there are!

It’s an unfortunate part of every property investor’s journey that they will most likely eventually be liable for Capital Gains Tax or CGT.


False claim Hunter Biden paid Joe Biden $50,000 in rent

The claim: Hunter Biden paid Joe Biden $50,000 a month in rent for home with classified documents

A Jan. 16 Instagram post (direct link, archived link) from conservative commentator Carl Higbie shows a screenshot of his tweet about President Joe