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Sleep Your Way to the Top – Why Sleep is Critical to Success –

According to researchers from the University of Illinois, the more sleep a person gets, the more optimistic they are about life.

Why is optimism, and thus sleep, so important?

Reason #1

Optimists Are More Successful.

Martin Seligman was a Psychologist

Life After Trading: Why QOZ Investing is Beneficial for Traders –

Life After Trading Blog

I began trading at 26 years old and spent the next ten years of my life in the Eurodollar pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange competing against banks and hundreds of other traders. My ability to process information in fractions

It’s Demographics, stupid – – House Flipping Guide

James Carville, allegedly, helped win the Presidency for Bill Clinton in 1992 with a sign in the campaign’s headquarters saying, “The economy, stupid”.

Well maybe there should be a sign saying – “Demographics, stupid” – on our desks as well.

One of the most Instagrammable cities in Europe wants to ban Airbnb rentals

For those looking to make some extra cash, the ease of being able to rent out their spare room or property at the tap of a button (without the red tape of being a landlord) has given rise to the

Can You Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax on Investment property? –

Are there ways to avoid or reduce paying CGT on investment property entirely?Cloud house of tax concept on blue sky

Yes, there are!

It’s an unfortunate part of every property investor’s journey that they will most likely eventually be liable for Capital Gains Tax or CGT.